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Random Thoughts about the News of a Black Panther Movie


Re-blogging this in light of the new CA:CW trailer and the glimpses of T’Challa/Black Panther (played by Chadwick Boseman). I pray we get enough T’Challa and Sam Wilson (aka The Falcon) to make up for losing Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and gaining way too much Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.). The posters and ad campaign already make me grind my teeth.

*Sigh* It could all be so simple, but (Marvel) would rather make it hard… – me paraphrasing Lauryn Hill.

Originally posted on Dust:

  • I really hope Stan Lee ain’t playing. I don’t know how plugged in he is to what Marvel Studios is doing. 
  • Is it too early to start writing T’Challa fan fic? Maybe I could finally get the jump on some of these fast fic writers!
  • Will they find a way to bring Storm into the MCU? Maybe they could get away with it if they didn’t call her Storm, just Ororo? 
  • If that doesn’t work, give me some other awesome, superhero WoC. Please. Because so far, all the women are white, all the blacks are men in the MCU. But some of us are brave!
  • This could be a part of the MCU that’s solely or majority PoC-run. I doubt that many of the Avengers or Loki fangirls will care about all-black Wakanda.  T'Challa and Ororo T’Challa and Ororo

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NBPM 19: Fave Returning Show of the Season – HTGAWM

Alright, let’s just forget about the four days of blogging that I missed. Bloggers need sleep too and I haven’t been getting enough of it. So I’m just gonna pretend that I missed no time at all and pick up right where I left off. And where I left off was TV.


Last time I blogged about my favorite new TV show. Now I’ll tell you about my favorite returning show, How to Get Away with Murder (or HTGAWM for short). I love this show for reasons that are a lot different from Minority Report. In fact the only things that Minority Report and HTGAWM have in common are their diverse casts and Black woman leads.

htgawm cast 2

Here are some reasons why I love this show.
HTGAWM centers around Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis). Keating is a defense attorney and law professor at the fictional Middleton University in Philadelphia. She teaches Criminal Law 100, otherwise known as, How To Get Away With Murder. And while these fresh, still-idealistic students assume this course is a how-to for budding criminal attorneys serving their clients what they don’t know is that the professor is looking for five special students to help her get away with murder – among several other crimes and ethical infractions.

This is a plot-heavy show. Like filled to bursting with plot. Sometimes the characters suffer for that especially in the first season. Maybe that’s why there are so few fan podcasts recapping the show. It would take at least two hours to discuss all the important plot points in this one hour of television.

One reason why it takes longer to disuss the show than it takes to watch it is because of co-creator and Executive Producer, Pete Nowalk, Shonda Rhimes and what has to be a diverse and dare I say it – woke – writer’s room. They slip in sly little lines or scenes that give folks like me and my friends stuff to chew on days after the episode has aired. Like the infamous bathroom scene where two white women call Annalise an “animal”.

Annalise curtly pointed out Asher’s white privilege and class privilege in one sentence. Or how one of AK’s client’s name-dropped Cece McDonald when discussing the problem trans women face when defending themselves from violence. Then the moment that both women sat in an interrogation room, expressing their delight at being rid of their terrible husbands. There are just too many juicy, subversive moments to choose from. And we haven’t even mentioned the Cicely Tyson episode, a.k.a. The Blackest Hour on Network Television. Yep, it was Blacker than two episodes of Black-ish played back-to-back!



All of the students forming the Keating Five reflect certain aspects of their professor’s personality even though Keating herself remains a mystery. It’s fine if I don’t know enough about the ducklings to see them as 3-d people. Because at the end of the day, it’s Annalise that I want to understand better.

Viola Davis is brilliant at making subtle acting choices that reveal a bit of Annalise’s real life or inner life without giving the whole game away. The fact that Annalise walks in high heels as if they were combat boots shows she’s not a finished feminine product. Or perhaps she resists that simplistic idea of feminity because it’s never been available to Black women like her? Everytime you think you have Annalise Keating figured out, you come way with more questions.
Five Minutes

“What the Fuck?” is usually the first question shouted at the screen, especially if you’re watching the last five minutes of a HTGAWM episode. Writers and marketers have prepared us to stay alert during that brief period of time. As a reward we’ve gotten quotables like “Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” and the revealing scene preceding it where Viola Davis removes her makeup and her wig. Or Cicely Tyson as Annalise’s mother combing her daughter’s hair while confessing to murdering her child’s rapist. The last five minutes of HTGAWM always provide viewers with some intense television. It’s one of the many reasons why fans come back each week. And why this three month Winter hiatus will be especially hard for us.
Do you watch HTGAWM? Do you enjoy the show? How do you plan to survive the hiatus? Let me know in the comments?

MR to serve and predict
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NBPM 18: Fave New TV Show This Season: Minority Report

Here’s the second blog post I owe y’all today. I’m staying with the TV theme that I started in NBPM 17: Cord-Cutting.

It’s Fall which means two things: daylight savings time and the fall TV season. The new series that has captured my attention and my heart is Fox’s Minority Report. The show is based on the movie that I’ve never seen starring Tom Cruise. Minority Report, the TV series stars Meagan Good (a long-standing crush of mine since D.E.B.S.), Stark Sands, Li Jun Li, and Wilmer Valderrama. I’m not going to try and convert you (Okay, real talk? I am totally gonna try and convert you, try being the operative word). I’m just going to tell you why I like the show so much.

MR to serve and predict


The premise of Minority Report involves three children – Agatha, Dash, and Arthur – whose brains are modified to the point that they can see future events, mostly murders and other crimes. Metro PD uses them to build their Pre-Crime Division. They basically take control of these children’s lives, placing them in a photon milk bath where they do nothing but predict crimes day in and day out. The three pre-cognitives or pre-cogs for short, solved at least a thousand crimes before the program got shut down.

Years later, they still have visions but do their best to stay under the radar, afraid the government will snatch them up at any time and take their freedom away again. Dash throws a wrench into this plan when he contacts Det. Lara Vega (played by Meagan Good) and they begin working together to fight crime. They pre-solve crimes and try to stop them before they can happen almost like in the Pre-Crime days.

Location, Location, Location

The show is set in 2065 Washington, DC. A lot has changed in the District of Columbia. The local NFL team has changed its name from a racial slur to the Red Clouds – a move that I heartily support. Seriously, I would root for the Red Clouds in a heartbeat, even though the name makes no sense when you think about it. Literally anything is better than having a racial slur for a team name. Ahem.


The cast is truly diverse as any show set in a metropolitan area like DC should be. This series shows viewers the power and beauty of a truly diverse cast. It’s so good to see a future that’s full of people of color! There have been too many books, shows, and movies where we never see ourselves.

MR lara

Meagan Good plays Det. Lara Vega.

Vega is the nominal lead of the show, although the story revolves around the three pre-cogs as much as it does her. All the pre-cogs happen to be white. It would have been fun to play with that and cast people of different races as the pre-cogs, sort of like Lin Manuel Miranda has done with his Broadway hit, “Hamilton”. But the actors playing the pre-cogs are all doing fine jobs.

Vega Arthur proj fandom

Meagan Good and Nick Zano as Det. Lara Vega and Arthur Watson.

Arthur (played by Nick Zano) has some crackling chemistry with Vega. It’s led me to tag gifs of them with #These Two Need to Bang.

MR akeela

Li Jun Li plays Akeela.

But my favorite character besides Vega is Akeela (played by Li Jun Li). Akeela is the tech wiz at Metro PD who wears tattoos on her face to thwart the police’s facial recognition technology. I hope we get more background on her soon. Right now all we know is that she really likes and needs her job and that Vega is her BFF. Some folks even ‘ship Lara and Akeela because the chemistry between the two actors is so good. Hopefully she gets an episode focused on her the way Dash, Vega, and Lt. Blake have.

lara akeela tech


Depiction of the Future

On Minority Report, the future isn’t some melting pot utopia (otherwise there’d be no conflict and thus no show) but it’s not some bleak dystopia either which is nice. The latest episode to air, “American Dream” added another wrinkle of complexity to the universe of the show with the plight of the Fourteens. The 14’s are the children of undocumented residents that were amnestied by the President just prior to the repeal of the 14th amendment. Even though they were born here, they can’t claim U.S. citizenship and have to go off the grid to get work and support themselves and their families. Grim stuff for a futuristic procedural. Details like that show how well mapped out the show is. Or at least how well they writers have incorporated the source material.


almost human poster

R.I.P. Almost Human. Miss you.

I’m a sucker for futuristic sci-fi especially if there are POC in lead roles. It’s why I love authors like Octavia Butler and shows like my dear, departed Almost Human so much. That said there are reports that Fox has cut the season order of Minority Report episodes down from 13 to 10. That’s not encouraging. I can’t help but wonder why Fox tantalizes me with shows that hit so many of my sweet spots that they almost feel made just for me. They only rip my heart out later by meddling with storylines (Sleepy Hollow) or just straight up cancelling a show (Almost Human). But that’s Fux for ya!

go fuck yourself

Once the last episodes of Empire, Sleepy Hollow and Minority Report air, I’m girl-cotting Fux for good!

So what are your favorite new TV shows this season and why? Let me know in the comments.

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NBPM 17: Cord-cutting

cord-cutting adweek
I’ve been living without cable since I last moved in June. I don’t miss cable that much, thanks to Hulu, Netflix, and my Chromecast setup. I do have a few observations to share with you, though. Wanna read ’em? Here they go:

Live Tweeting

It’s not the same when you have to wait a day to see the episode that aired live last night. Everything has been said, every joke has been mad. So I don’t bother live-tweeting anymore. I save it for re-watches of shows like Sense8.

I do enjoy following the live-tweets of shows like Empire, and How to Get Away with Murder, though. Seeing all the varied reactions in real time is almost as entertaining as the show itself. Plus it helps me determine whether an episode is worth burning up data to watch during my lunch break at work or if i can just wait till till I get back to the house and the sweet, sweet wi-fi that I pay for. That’s helpful to know.


This is one of the maddening things about cord cutting. Ever streaming services only has a fraction of what you want to watch. Amazon Prime Video has Orphan Black. Netflix has shows like Daredevil, Sense8 and Strange Empire. Hulu has most of the major broadcast network stuff. I don’t know who carries The Walking Dead. AMC probably keeps it on their own streaming app which requires a cable password and credentials in order to access content. Hello? If I had cable why the fuck would I need to access shows on your crummy app, AMC? Ugh.

martin show

Needless to say, this segmentation can get frustrating and expensive. As Martin once said, “I can’t pay the five.” Not for all these services at one. So I make do with Hulu and Netflix . I definitely do not look for shows using less than abouve board means. wink.


Live sports are out of the question for cord cutters so no football which is big on Twitter every Sunday. But a friend and I are splitting the cost for NBA League Pass, so I can get my basketball on! That’s important to me, so shout out to Josh. If I didn’t have League Pass, I would never have seen that awesome ORL-OKC double overtime thriller. I should do a whole post on League Pass and maybe I will later on.

So those are my thoughts about cord cutting so far. I miss live-tweeting shows with everyone on my Twitter timeline. But it’s kind of fun to catch up with a bunch of shows on my own schedulte (most likely on the weekends). And if I were recapping a show, it’s better for me to watch with no distractions and the captions on so I don’t miss obvious stuff.

What about you, readers? Are you cord cutting, living without cable? If so, what’s your setup? How do you like or dislike it? Let me know in the comments.

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NBPM 16: Erotica – I Know It When I See It

I read it. I’ve even attempted to write it, to varying degrees of success. But I’m still reluctant to talk about it in mixed company and I’m now forty years old!

I’m talking about erotica, my dirty, little open secret. Besides some smutty fanfiction, the first erotica that I read was an anthology called Black Erotica. That was in college and I’ve yet to come across a collection like it since, which is a shame. I’ve read so much erotica and romantic fiction with white heroes and heroines that I might scream and destroy public library property if I see another pert pink nipple on the page.

My level of kink is pitched way lower than most other readers of erotic romance. I’m Vanilla and Proud. Terms like orgasm denial, dominance & submission, and forced orgasms squick the hell out of me even if they might be fun in practice. But in the hands of a skilled writer can manage to get a rise out of me, where many stories get an eye-roll. So much of the language around kink is overly aggressive, even abusive or downright rape-y. That doesn’t get my juices flowing, if you know what I mean. That’s not me judging what other people do in their bedrooms, sex clubs or dungeons. I just don’t want to read about it, is all.

That said, it’s been hard to find erotica that’s my speed with the elements I want to see in my dirty books. I’m tired of reading about perfect pale princesses. I want to read about women of color in all their dynamism and complexity, seeking and finding all the pleasure they richly deserve.

I want to read about heroes who dote on their heroines, give them lots of real good lovin’, and don’t try to tear them down mentally or emotionally. There’s enough of that in the real world.

When it comes to the sex in my ideal erotic romance, I want the focus to be on the woman’s pleasure. Men are gonna get theirs like 98% of the time in real life (and in fiction). Let’s zoom in on the other half that gets left behind more often than not. They aren’t guaranteed that same pleasure and I want to examine why and find ways to resolve that problem. I guess my politics have informed my personal taste in erotic literature.

What about you? Do you read erotica or romance? What subgenres, tropes or themes do you enjoy and why? Let me know in the comments.

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NBPM 15: Keep the Party Going!

I figure it’s still November 14th somewhere, right? So let’s keep the party going? Here’s another sorta free post while I chill out and enjoy the following.

My girl, Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) hosts The Black Swan Collective AND she's 1/2 of Black Girl Squee! Love you, Inda!

My girl, Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) hosts The Black Swan Collective AND she’s 1/2 of Black Girl Squee! Love you, Inda!

My dynamic writing soundtrack, also known as CSP Presents: The Black Swan Collective!

More Than a Summer Love, a novel by Savannah J. Frierson (@sjfbooks).

More Than a Summer Love, a novel by Savannah J. Frierson (@sjfbooks).

More Than a Summer Love by friend of the show, Savannah J. Frierson!

encore cover

Encore, a novella by Katrina Jackson (@katrinajax).

Encore by Katrina Jackson!


– didi