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Gearing Up for S2 of Mr. Robot


rami robot

I binge-watched Season One of Mr. Robot over the 4th of July weekend. Now it’s the only show I want to talk about.

Mr. Robot is the story of Elliot Alderson (played superbly by Rami Malek). Elliot is a corporate security engineer by day, protecting the data of the biggest and most evil company in the world. By night, he’s a self-made vigilante hacker. On top of that, he struggles to navigate modern life with several mental illnesses. These diagnoses make an unreliable narrator out of Elliot, one of the most unreliable narrators I’ve ever seen or read.


While others credit the accurate portrayal of hacking that  presents for its success and popularity, I believe it is Malek’s performance as Elliot that holds the entire series together. Malek as Elliot is able to convey a deep vulnerability and profound rage. With his wide set eyes, blank expression and monotone voice, we feel his disconnection from the outside world and other people.

rami fsociety


I could go on and on about this show. But further discussion will no doubt involve spoilers. If you’re intrigued by the premise, check out the ten-episode first season and prepare for the Season Two premiere July 13th on USA Network.

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BGS 22’s Visual Guide to #DWIDP

In Ep. 22 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter) celebrate Black women in charge of casting and programming at ABC, Black women on the Great White Way and stunting at the Met Gala. They also recap episodes 3 and 4 of WGN’s Underground. We name and shame in Catch the Fade before launching into a crowded DWIDP!

Our Squee Queens this episode are:

afeni shakur


Afeni Shakur – activist, Black Panther, and mother. #RestInPower





Florence Kasumba – actress who plays one of T’Challa’s ‘Dora Milaje’ bodyguards in Captain America: Civil War.

florence kasumba


We mentioned a lot of people in DWIDP including:

Don Cheadle – actor, director, activist

cheadle rhodes

Chadwick Boseman – actor and my husband. Everyone’s saying he did the damn thing as T’Challa/Black Panther in CA:CW. AND I AGREE.


Actor and musician, John Cho who was the focus of Twitter Campaign, #StarringJohnCho. Cast John Cho in all the things, please. NOW.

John Cho

(Photo by Amy Sussman/Invision/AP Images)

And last but not least, rapper, actor, and Tony nominee, Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs!


And that’s it for Ep. 22’s Visual Guide to DWIDP. I think you’ll agree there’s a lot of fine to be found here. *fans self*

PS. If you like the show and want to give us feedback, please fill out our Listener Survey!

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BGS 21’s Visual Guide to #DWIDP

In Episode 21 of Black Girl Squee, we talk body diversity,  fat activism and anime titties with Ariel from @BadFatBroads.

We also celebrated three Black women who’ve made newsworthy achievements recently in our Squee Queens segment:

Harriet Tubman whose image will grace the $20 bill.

Tessa Thompson who will grace movie screens in Thor: Ragnarok.

"Dear White People" Portraits - 2014 Sundance Film Festival
And my wife, Nicole Beharie who has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of that Fox show that will not be name. She’s set to star in a remake of Jacob’s Ladder with Michael Ealy and Jesse Williams!

nicole beharie image
But that’s not what y’all came here for, I know. Y’all want that print. Well, I got to give the people what they want. So without further ado, here’s our latest contestant on DWIDP.

Born in Seoul, South Korea but raised in Michigan, Steven Yeun is best known for playing Glenn Rhee on AMC’s The Walking Dead. He’s also well-known for being FOINE.

Seriously, look at the man’s cheekbones. That looks like well-made, sturdy structure that any woman could s- let me stop. Ahem.

Yeun has an unused Psychology degree (So do I! We obviously go together) from Kalamazoo College in Michigan.

Yeun looks hot in glasses.

He looks hot with a gun.


Or ‘making pancakes’ with TWD co-star Lauren Cohen.



You get the point, right? He could get it. From every angle, several times a day. TMI, maybe but I’m saying.

Lemme end this Visual Guide before I get any more profane. Until next time, y’all!




Prince (1958 – 2016)

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BGS 20’s Visual Guide to #DWIDP

In episode 20 of Black Girl Squee, Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning talk about queer Black women in Chicago’s Black Liberation Movement and Bibi Bourelly’s new inclusive music video during Squeeworthy News. Then we recap the first two episodes of WGN’s Underground. A lot of misguided folks Catch the Fade from us before we launch into one of our thirstiest DWIDP’s yet!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our Squee Queens in an episode titled, “Black Girls Deserve Better”. Here are this week’s awardees:

First up is the supremely talented and lovely, Adina Porter, who plays Pearly Mae on Underground. Ms. Porter once performed her stage adaptation of Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye in front of the author and her son!


Next is Porter’s castmate, Amirah Vann, who plays the formidable Ms. Ernestine on Underground. What Ms. Vann loves most about the series is its characterization.

“It’s so well-written, and my character in particular, the female characters actually in general, are just so well [written] — you get the full human being. They really kind of excavate all the different parts of our personality and of humanity too, being able to investigate my sexuality, my strength, my vulnerability.”

Finally, there is my wife in my head, Ms. Nicole Beharie. Ms. Beharie is a graduate of Julliard and studied in England on a Shakespeare scholarship. Maybe that’s where she developed her awesome chemistry with British dudes! Beharie was last seen as Agent Abbie Mills on the abominably written Sleepy Hollow, but now she is free to work on high-quality projects. Hear that Shonda, Ava, Oprah?


And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for, the unveiling of episode 20’s #DWIDP. This week it’s none other than Underground‘s leading man, Aldis Hodge!



Before playing Noah on Underground, you may have seen Mr. Hodge as MC Ren in the NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton. Before that, he played Alec Hardison, the snarky hacker on TNT’s Leverage and guest starred on episodes of Friday Night Lights, Supernatural, The Walking Dead.

Besides Hodge’s swoonworthy looks, his artistic leanings make Inda and I squee. Hodge studies at The Art Center College of Design in California. He plays the violin and designs watches in his spare time. He also paints! *cue Didi fainting*


Finally, here’s the booty that made two new fans out of us!


Gifs found here –

Alright y’all, I had so many dirty thoughts while compiling this Visual Guide that I need to purify myself in Lake Minnetonka. Until next time, bye!


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The Promise of “Diversity” Won’t Garner My Viewership

Basically what Jay said. Just boycott Fox as a network and a muhfuckin’ crew. Fox are the Kings of Bait & Switch Television.

My Pen's a Machete

I’m pretty sure by now most of y’all have either seen or heard about the pure fuckery that was the season three finale (although to me it’s a series finale) of Sleepy Hollow. If you haven’t, allow me to update you: Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), the lead heroine of the supernatural drama, is unceremoniously killed. She sacrifices herself–for what? the third or fourth time on this godawful show?–because Pandora’s box suddenly needed a witness’ soul to operate and ultimately de-power The Hidden One.

tumblr_o5fm01bkfj1rzz3d8o1_500 That’s my reaction to this entire bullshit “plot.”

I’m not going to go into detail about all the many ways this decision was fucked. Mainly because the points have already been addressed in some way or anotheron both twitterandtumblr. My fandom tumblr is currently an assortment of in memoriam posts for the character, praises and well wishes for the actress, and scathing (and…

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Black Girl Squee! Episode 19 – Black Girls in Starring Roles

BGS 19 – Black Girls in Starring Roles

In episode 19 of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi talk about a lot of black women earning starring roles in films and TV in Squeeworthy News. Their main topic is the HTGAWM season finale. And they have a special #DWIDP focused on BBC’s The Night Manager.  It’s a big show so there’s a lot more that I’m too tired to type out.

– Google Doodle Winner, Akilah Johnson from Washington, DC.-

Underground on WGN – ;

– KING breaks down every song on “We Are King” for –

– Congresswomen announce first Congressional Caucus on Black women and girls

Intro/Outro is “A Message” by Kelela

Contact us at
Twitter: @blackgirlsquee
Email: blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com
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